Capital Club Committees

Arts Appreciation Committee

This is a new committee formed to serve the Memberships’ interests in classical, contemporary, visual and music arts. The Committee helps the Club Management with the planning and promotion of chamber music concert series, evenings at the opera, ballet, shows, art exhibitions and art Lectures and visits of art galleries.


Business Committee

The Business Committee serves the Membership’s interest to develop business networking opportunities and educational business programs. The Committee helps the Club management with the planning and promotion of industry nights, business networking events, CEO Luncheons, business lectures and book lectures.


Food & Beverage Committee

The Food & Wine Committee serves the Membership’s interests in learning about and enjoying wines, assisting Club management in developing food themes served at the Club as well as helping with the planning and promotion of guest chef series, wine dinners and wine tastings, development of food & beverage traditions and the annual committee cook-off.


Golf Committee

The Golf Committee serves the Memberships’ interest in attending golf events for fun, competition and business networking. The Committee helps the Club management with the planning and promotion of the golf tournaments, social golf days, golf theme parties, review of golf handicaps and refereeing at golf tournaments.


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee serves to identify potential Club members and to assist Club management in developing membership benefits programs. The Committee also assists Club Management with the hosting of new member’s receptions, the recommendation of New Affiliate Club programs and the review of Club By-Laws and Membership schedules.


Community Committee

The Community Committee serves the Membership interest to develop social networking opportunities as well as fun gatherings to foster club camaraderie. The Committee helps the Club management with the planning and promotion of international & Ambassadors Parties, social networking events, fashion shows, the annual Club Anniversary party and charity/Fundraiser events.


Finance & Investment Committee

The Finance & Investment Committee interests in gathering members from this area, sharing and discuss ideas, build connection for the future investment requirements.


Petroleum Committee

The Petroleum Committee serves the membership’s interest to developed oil and gas programs and events help the members to know more about same industry procedure.