How to Become a Member

The Capital Club is an exclusive private club and all interested parties must be recommended by an existing member, keeping the membership very select. Your application will then be approved by the management and the Board of Governors.

The types of membership available at Capital Club are listed below:

Individual Membership

Life long, family membership & transferable.

Corporate Membership

Life long, family membership & transferable. You can nominate additional members.

Embassy Membership

Three-year family membership & non-transferable.

Chamber of Commerce / Nonprofit Organization Membership

One-year family membership & nontransferable.

Three Years Membership

Three-year family membership, only for foreign nationals. This is upgradeable & non-transferable.

Legacy Membership

Full membership privileges, but no spouse privileges, upgradeable & non-transferable. The qualified candidate must be member’s child or grandchild and over 21 years of age.

For more information please contact the Membership team.